Gork Told Me To Do It - UK WD# 235.
Andy Chambers explains the thought processes behind the writing of Codex: Orks.

Orky Tactics - UK WD# 236.
Andy Chambers gives some tactical tips for using Orks, with additional comments by Adrian Wood.

Da Big Fight - UK WD# 237.
New Scenario representing a dispute between multiple Warbosses.

Orky Armies - UK WD# 237.
Andy Chambers discusses background info and army themeing ideas for the Goffs, Blood Axes and Deathskulls.

Collecting the Orks - UK WD# 237.
Nick Davis puts together an Ork army on a budget.

Speed Freeks - UK WD# 248.
Background info on what makes an Ork Speed Freek and the Kults of Speed.

Best of Enemies - UK WD# 248.
An article on Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka and Commissar Yarrick.

The Third War for Armageddon - UK WD# 248.
Info on the Third War for Armageddon, the Ork invaders and the Human defence.

Alien Menace - UK WD# 249.
A study of two of the Ork tribes fighting on Armageddon: Great Overlord Ghazghkull's War Horde and the White Lightning Speed Freeks.

Alien Menace part 2 - UK WD# 250.
A study of three of the Ork tribes fighting on Armageddon: the Black Slayers Tribe, the Stompers Tribe and the Crooked Moon Tribe.

Hive Tempestora - UK WD# 262.
Follow up info on the Invasion of Armageddon.