Cheap and Easy Big Shootas
By Sneeky Git.

When you start an Ork army you soon want to add heavy weapons to give your mobs that extra punch. You have two choices: Either buy ready made metal models or build your own. While the metal ones look great, they come at a price. Conversions on the other hand are cheaper, give your army a personal touch and can look just as well. Don’t be afraid: It’s really simple.

Each of the heavy weapons will be covered in its own article: Big Shootas, Rokkit Launchas and Burnas. For each of these there will be at least one way of making them with nothing more than the plastic boxed set of Ork boys, but I will also show you some other ways to convert them. Before you start, you might want to re-read the Tips for Beginners.

What you need:

- One plastic Ork sprue.
- Your modelling tools (clip, knife and drill).
- Plastic cement.
- PVA glue and sand for the base.


Throughout the following article we will be using some abbreviated terms to describe the plastic parts that you will need to use in order to build your Big Shoota. The types of Shoota available can be seen on the left and the most compatable Shootas for making a Big Shoota are SH1 and SH4.

Getting started:

Big shootas are probably the easiest heavy weapon to convert. You know how to assemble a basic Shoota Boy don’t you? Now all you have to do is to give him a bigger gun. In addition to the body and army for a Shoota Boy you will need two Shootas. I suggest SH1 and SH4, but almost all combinations of Shootas will work. Clip the parts out of the sprue and clean them.

Building the Big Shootas:

Cut of the muzzle of SH1 and the grip and ammo feed of SH4. Drill out the muzzle of SH1 if you like. Your Shootas should now look like the picture below.

The next step is to glue the barrel of SH4 to SH1, so that SH1 now has a much longer barrel.

Some care will need to be taken to ensure the barrel is glued on straight and it looks better if the metal cladding of SH4 is to the bottom.

Your Shootas should now look like the picture to the right.

Now assemble the shoota boy and glue your brand new Big Shoota into his hands, just like you would with a normal shoota. And that’s already your first converted Ork heavy weapon! You can now add bullets and other details.

Here’s a picture of a boy with Big Shoota that I stuck together with modelling putty to see if all parts fit:

You may find you need to alter the arms a little to accomodate the larger size of the exended Shoota and have the model retain a sense of balance.

Also note that adding accessories such as the chain of bullets or the crosshairs gunsight from the plastic sprue can help make your Big Shoota Boys look the part even more.

Instead of making your own Big Shoota out of plastic shootaz, you can also use the metal big shoota that comes with the killa kans and dread. You don’t have to buy a complete dread for these, you can either buy them in your hobby store, mail order them or trade bits with other Ork players.

To get a boy with this kind of Big Shoota you first cut of the tube at the rear end of the metal big shoota like the lower one on the pic. The upper big shoota is there for com-parison.

The hole on the side of the Big Shoota should be filled with Greenstuff, Milliput or plastic rod to stop it standing out. To finish the model you glue the dreadnought big shoota to your model just like you did with the plastic Big Shoota in the first conversion. Just remember to use super glue for this, as you are gluing metal to plastic.

The metal Big Shoota can also be used for a Nob with big shoota like the one on the left.

Single hand-held Big Shootas like this often look better if there is a strap, rope or chain on it, letting the shoulder take some of the weight off of the wrist.

There are many other ways of representing Big Shootas. the Boy on the right has a gun constructed from an ork Shoota and part of a Tau Burst Cannon.