Grimfang and his Ork horde have only recently come to the attention of Imperial authorities due to the increasing size and success of his Ork waaagh. Whilst he may seem a newcomer to Imperial scribes, Grimfang has been waging war across the sector for decades. Previously he fought as part of other warlord’s armies (notably alongside Ghazghkull on Armageddon), but now he has accumulated sufficient forces to launch his own attack on Imperial space.

Grimfang has managed to assemble a truly enormous force of Orks, consisting of masses of infantry, vehicles and support weapons. He has also enlisted the help of a number of talented mekboyz who have added heavy tanks, flyers, and even a Stomper titan to his ranks. Rumours have been picked up by Imperial agents that suggest a massive Gargant is under construction at a hidden location.

Grimfang will fight anyone who gets in his way – his quest is purely for the joy of combat and the destruction of all who stand against him. Strategic and material gains are secondary. Already his Ork horde have smashed a number of marine strike forces sent against him, and it is suspected only a small proportion of his armies were used in these engagements.

“Blast dem with da big gunz, and den give ‘em a taste of boot leather!”
Grimfang Waaghsnikka


Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka.

Gordy's Army

Waaagh Grimfang.

Slugga Boyz

Slugga Boyz Mob.

Waaagh Grimfang

Waaagh Grimfang.


Stormboyz Mob.


Trakks and Deth Koptas.

Killa Kans

Killa Kans.

Battle Wagon

Battle Wagon.

Blitz Wagon

Blitz Wagon.


Multiple Launch Ork Rokkit Kannon.


Armorcast Ork Stompa.


Ork Bomma.