For many long years, repeated attacks by various alien races have been launched against planets within the Segmentum Obscurus, and lack of Imperial resources within the sector has led to several planets falling to the desires and clutches of various Xenos. The industrial world of Parcae Secundus was one such planet, defended by only a orbiting battle station and several outposts and keeps on the planet’s surface. It was thought that Parcae Secundus was too far from the galactic center and the threat of ork dominance to ever need worry about attack from that xenos. An ork waagh from the warboss known as GrimTeef overcame the defenses in short order, quickly dispelling that theory. The Industrial world was too tempting a target for the warboss, whose orks were very technically minded, and required the materials and resources of Parcae Secundus to build the crude robots and dreadnoughts so popular amongst their ilk.

The space hulk under GrimTeef’s command easily took the amount of punishment that the battle station could deliver, which was then boarded and commandeered by the orks. From the station, GrimTeef launched many Stompa forces, great clanking blitzkriegs spearheaded by TinBoys and hulking Dreadnoughts and Killer Kans. The outposts on the planet’s surface could not hold out against such heavy armor and the mindless metal ferocity of the robots and heavily-armored greenskins, and try as they might the outposts’ defenders were repeatedly destroyed or beaten back to other keeps.

In the wake of the defender’s retreat, GrimTeef’s orks would attack and occupy the various factories and mining complexes of Parcae Secundus. Once they were under ork control, the mining operations would be started again with the many slaves taken, and the factories quickly bashed and retro-fitted to accommodate the mass-production of TinBoys and dreadnoughts. Once the forces were large enough, the Stompa Klans would move out towards the nearest outpost and attack. Despite the reinforcements these outposts would gather from the defeat of their neighbors, the orks would devastate the defenses and storm into the cities and complexes.

It was not long before this world became a canker in Imperial space, with orks teeming and building on its surface. Because of the lack of Imperial resources in the area, the Imperial Guard could not break the defense of the orks, and all the chapters of the Adeptus Astartes were either too far away or too involved in other campaigns to lend their assistance. So Parcae Secundus fell to the control of the orks for years. The remote location of the world proved both a blessing and a curse – the orks were allowed to build and reinfoce their defenses, but once completed they had a great distance to travel before they could launch strikes against other worlds. Neighboring worlds were only hit sporadically, and it was theorized that the orks were planning a great mechanical waagh from Parcae Secundus. Once they had enough troops and armor and mechanicals created, their would be little to stop them once they left the planet.

Bad Moon Warboss

Rogue Trader Edition Bad Moon Warboss.

Bad Moon Dreadnought

Bad Moon Dreadnought with Twin Mega Blastas.

Warboss GriMTeef

Warboss GriMTeef in Mega Armour.

Magspanna rubbed the lump on the back of his skull and tried to adjust to the light around him. Who the heck clubbed him, and where the zog was he? He was in a small room, a mek's shack like the one he used to have. The burly mek jumped down off the workbench he had been laid on and opened a squeaking door to the source of the light.

Squinting into the light, Magspanna couldn't believe his eyes as he came into the next room. It was a huge space, with dreadnoughts and kanz lining the walls. Dozens of Meks were working here, toying with kontrapshuns, testing the crushing strength of a Dread's klaw, or fine-tuningthe aim of big shoota towards a very perforated target. Grots ran to and fro with buckets of screws and oily rags clutched in their nimble fingers. One of the grots skidded to a halt when he saw Magspanna standing in the doorway. The grot scurried over to him with a big grin on his face.

"Oi der, MekBoss Magspanna!" the grot piped up. "Name's Bodjit. Come wit me if ya would, me boss wants to speak witcha!"

Magspanna followed, and grots and Meks would glance up from what they were working on to give a nod or a grunt towards him. "Dis is strange," thought Magspanna, "it's like dey knows me already, but I don't know a single one of dem..."

"'Ere we are den , MekBoss!" Magspanna looked up at the sound of Bodjit's voice. "Dis 'ere's my mastah, TinBoss Iron'ard, and dis is allah our boss, Warboss GrimTeef."

"Sorry 'bout dat clubbin' yer noggin' got der, Magspanna, but we needed ya fer dis job, see?" GrimTeef spoke, his voice carrying easily over the noise in the huge garage. "Once we'd heard dat yer bot won da TinBoy Warz on Charadon, Iron'ard and I agreed that you were gunna work on our, uh, projekt 'ere wit us."

"And wut projekt would dat be?" Magspanna asked, both curious and wary.

"Warboss GrimTeef has grand planz fer a factory world da humie's call Par-say Sekunduz," TinBoss Iron'ard growled. "We needs to konstruct da tuffest and stompiest TinBoyz around so's we can krush da humie's there. We needs another TinBoss dat can make da Tinboyz 'ard and stompy fer dis waagh. I knows dat I can do it, and we think dat you can too."

"Dat's why we kidnap- er, brought ya here," GrimTeef said. "Wit both you and Iron'ard working on my Tinboyz, da humie's on Par-say Sekunduz won't stand a chance. But before we do dat, we needs to make sure you gots the know-wots fer da job."

GrimTeef motioned over his shoulder to a huge tarp-covered shape. As he motioned, Bodjit ripped the tarp off the shape, exposing the hugest TinBoy that Magspanna had ever seen. It was partially constructed, but Magspanna could see the potential beneath the red paint job and exposed wires.

"If you and Iron'ard can make this bot da tuffest around, den you gots a place in my waagh. Enter it inna RobOrk Warz on Charadon and we'll see if it's got da stuff er not."

Magspanna looked at GrimTeef and Iron'ard and smiled, his teef clearly showing.

"Dose udder meks won't know whut hit 'em, Boss."

Morkzamillyun da Mega-Tinboy.

Magspanna's Design.