Warlord Snagrod Da Arch Arsonist of Charadon often demands mechanical gladiator bouts in order to alleviate any boredom he and his court may be suffering; and also to encourage development of the mechanical expertise his Mekboys are renowned for. The Meks are given a pouch full of Teef and told to design a killer TinBoy. These Bots are then pitted against one another in a large circular arena, cheered on by Snagrod and his Nobs. The last Bot standing is declared the winner and the Mekboy who built it has all manner of Orky accolades heaped upon him. Recently word of the fame and glory afforded to these Meks has reached far and wide to Orks in other parts of the galaxy. Mekboyz from worlds held by the Over Fiend, Nazdreg da Bad Moon, Urgok the Unstoppable and many more travel to Charadon to compete in the bouts. Da Arch Arsonist welcomes these interlopers, convinced as he is that his Mekboys are the best in the business!
Morkzamilyun, Tinboy design by the Steel Jaw Boyz Meks.

RULES - The arena is a circular pit with a diameter of 24". Each Bot will be placed at the edge of the pit an equal distance from one another. The turn sequence will occur as follows: SCAN, MOVE, SHOOT, ASSAULT. Initiative will depend on the make of Bot. From highest to lowest the intiatives are: PANZEE, BEAKIE, ORKY, STUNTY and RUNT.

So the turn order for a game including a Panzee Bot, a Beakie Bot and a Runt Bot would go: PANZEE SCAN, BEAKIE SCAN, RUNT SCAN, PANZEE MOVE, BEAKIE MOVE, RUNT MOVE, and so on. If there are two or more Bots of the same type a dice will be rolled to see who moves first.
TEEF - Each Mek has 100 Teef with which to design his TinBoy. With his Teef he must buy the following for his Bot: CHASSIS, MOVEMENT ABILITY, SCANNING ABILITY and a PROGRAM. Extra Teef may be spent on ARMAMENTS, ARMOUR, BIONIK BITZ, REDUNDANT SYSTEMS and/or a CLAN BONUS.
CHASSIS - Choose one of the following for your Bot:

RUNT BOT - This Bot is the nadir of Tinboy construction. The Mek who made this oughta be ashamed!
Type Teef WS BS S Front Side Back I A
Runt 30 2 2 2 10 10 10 2 1

PANZEE BOT - This Bot has a large head full of complicated electronics. It is fairly agile for a Tinboy but has thin armour.
Type Teef WS BS S Front Side Back I A
Panzee 48 2 3 3 10 10 10 3 1

BEAKIE BOT - This Bot is well armoured and strong, but it costs a lot of Teef!
Type Teef WS BS S Front Side Back I A
Beakie 60 2 2 4 12 12 10 3 1

STUNTY BOT - We ain't seen any stunties for a long long time, but they're still a popular Tinboy design.
Type Teef WS BS S Front Side Back I A
Stunty 47 3 2 3 11 11 10 2 1

ORKY BOT - Surely the pinnacle of Tinboy design, what could be better than a bot of one of the Boyz?
Type Teef WS BS S Front Side Back I A
Orky 50 3 1 3 11 11 10 2 2

MOVEMENT ABILITY - All Botz move D6" per turn. If your Bot is not a Stunty Bot you may upgade it to move normally for +5 Teef. If your Bot is a Panzee Bot you may upgrade it to use 9" moves for +10 Teef.
SCANNING ABILITY - All Botz scan by looking from left to right in a 90 degree angle. You may increase this angle to 180 degrees for +5 Teef. You may have your Bot scan 360 degrees (clockwise from front of Bot) for +10 Teef.
ARMAMENTS - The Bot does not need weapons to fight, but may be armed with up to two of the following weapons. Bots may move and fire Heavy Weapons.

Weapon Range S AP Type Notes Teef
Klaw - Sx2 2 Close Combat - See below
'Uge Choppa - S+2 - Close Combat Reduces enemy save to 4+ 8
Burna - S 2 Close Combat AP=S+2D6 12
Slugga 12" 4 6 Pistol See below 1
Shoota 24" 4 6 Rapid Fire See below 2
Big Shoota 36" 5 5 Assault 3 20 Teef to Twin-Link 12 or 20
Scorcha Template 5 4 Assault 1 - 7
Rokkit 24" 8 3 Assault 1 14 Teef to Twin-Link 8 or 14
Mega Blasta 24" 7 2 Heavy 1/Blast See below 20
Zzappa 24" 2D6 2/6 Heavy 1 See below 30

NOTES ABOUT KLAWS: Depends on the CHASSIS you chose for your Bot. Runt Klaws are 15 Teef, Beakie Klaws are 25 Teef, all other Klaws are 20 Teef. Klaws on TinBoys strike at initiative value just like Dreadnought CCWs.

MORE THAN ONE GUN: A TinBoy with more than one gun will shoot the most powerful gun each turn. A Bot may only shoot 2 Guns if given a M.O.R.K.

BURNAS AND SCORCHAS: Bots equipped with Burnas and Scorchas carry a volatile fuel tank on their back. Any glancing hit to the back of a Bot equipped with a Burna or Scorcha counts as a penetrating hit instead. Burnas mounted on TinBoys are always set to a close combat role - if you want a flame-thrower buy a Scorcha.

KUSTOMIZING: You may add any of the following Kustom Jobs to a Slugga or Shoota: Blasta for 3 Teef; More Dakka for 4 Teef; Shootier for 2 Teef. Kustom Jobs on the same weapon may be combined.

KOMBI-WEAPONS: A one shot Rokkit may be added to a Shoota for 3 Teef. A one shot Scorcha may be added to a Shoota for 6 Teef. A one shot Rokkit may not be added to a Shoota with a one shot Scorcha and vice versa. The Shoota may be Kustomized further (see above).

NOTE REGARDING THE MEGA BLASTA: The Mega Blasta has a high Teef cost due to it being able to move and fire from a TinBoy. It Gets Hot as usual, if a 1 is rolled to hit the Tinboy will take a glancing hit (the TinBoy will recieve a save if it has ARMOUR). A TinBoy that stays still does not have to worry about the Gets Hot rule as a more steady supply of power is routed to the weapon.

NOTE REGARDING THE ZZAPPA: Your Mek may programe a Zzappa to fire in "safe mode", if he does so the TinBoy will only fire every other turn but S results of 11 or 12 do not have any detrimental effect, in fact, they hit the target with S10! If they do not do this results of 11 or 12 cause a glancing hit on their own TinBoy. However, if a TinBoy in safe mode is damaged the safe mode will deactivate on a 4+. Zzappas mounted on a Tinboy cause massive energy drains. When the TinBoy moves the Zzappa only fires shots with an AP of 6. A stationary TinBoy fires with an AP of 2.
ARMOUR - You may give your Bot an armour save by buying one or more of the following upgrades:

ARMOUR PLATES (5 Teef): 6+ inv save.
KUSTOM FORCE FIELD (25 Teef): 5+ inv save with a 6" radius around the Bot.
BIONIK BITZ - Some Meks add more komplex Bionik Bitz to their Bots:

BIONIK ARM (10 Teef): This Wargear item may be added to a TinBoy.
M.O.R.K. (6 Teef): A TinBoy with a Multipal Optik Rangin' Kontrapshun may fire 2 ranged weapons.
G.O.R.K. (6 Teef): The first time a TinBoy with a Galvanized Offensiv Reinforced Knutta assaults it makes an 'Eadbutt attack as per Ghazhkull's Steel Skull rules.
HYDROLIK PISTONZ (5 Teef): Hyrolik Pistonz may be bought for a S2 Bot to increase it's S to 3.
SUPA HYDROLIK PISTONZ (8 Teef): Supa Hyrolik Pistonz may be bought for a S3 Bot to increase it's S to 4.
MEGA HYDROLIK PISTONZ (12 Teef): Mega Hyrolik Pistonz may be bought for a S4 Bot to increase it's S to 5.
REDUNDANT SYSTEMS - Ork Meks often build redundant sytems into their tinboys that will hopefully activate when the primary system is knocked out or destroyed. Two redundant systems may be added to a TinBoy for free and others may be added for 5 Teef each.

REDUNDANT ENGINES: If the tinboy becomes immobilized on the vehicle damage chart it's motors will kick in again on the roll of a 6+. This roll happens before the TinBoyz scanning phase.
POWER BACKUP: This can be added to Redundant Engines and increases the "kick in" roll to 5+.
EXTRA BATTERY: This can be added to Power Backup and increases the "kick in" roll to 4+.
EXTRA CABLES: If a tinboy loses a weapon on the vehicle damage chart, it's various extra ammo and fuel systems may kick in to start the weapon working again on the roll of a 6+. However, if a 1 is rolled for this, then the weapon is well and truly blown clean off, and cannot be brought back to the fight for the rest of the match.
ARMOURED CABLES: This can be added to Extra Cables and makes the roll to repair weapon damage a 5+. As above, if a 1 is rolled the weapon may no longer be repaired.
PLATED BARRELS: This can be added to Armoured Cables and makes the roll to repair weapon damage a 4+. As above, if a 1 is rolled the weapon may no longer be repaired.

PROGRAMS - Different Meks programme their bots in different ways depending on how they wish their bot to fight. You must choose one of the following programmes for your Bot:

GENERAL (0 Teef): The Bot will scan for a target. If it sees none it will turn 90 degrees to it's right and it's turn will end. If it sees a target it will move towards it, shoot in the shooting phase and assault in the assault phase.
STOMPY (5 Teef): The Bot will scan for a target. If it sees none it will turn 90 degrees to it's right and scan for another target, if it sees none it will turn 90 degrees to it's right and it's turn will end. If it sees a target it will move towards it and assault in the assault phase.
SNEAKY (7 Teef): The Bot will scan for a target. If it sees none it will turn 90 degrees to it's right and it's turn will end. If it sees a target it will move away from it and shoot it's weapon in the shooting phase. The Bot will only fight in assault if charged.
SHOOTY (10 Teef): As the Sneaky program, except that the Bot will only move away from it's target if that target is within 6". The benefits of staying still apply to rapid fire weapons like Shootas, the increased AP of the Zzappa and the Gets Hot rule of the Mega Blasta.
CLAN BONUS - The Warz attract Meks of all clans and each of them is keen to prove that his TinBoy is the best. You may choose your Mek to come from a particular clan if you wish:

GOFF KAN KONSTRUCTA (5 Teef): The Kan Konstructa makes sure his TinBoy is a close combat monster. His TinBoy has +1WS but has to take the Stompy Programme.
EVIL SUN MEKANIAK (3 Teef): The Mekaniak paints his Bot Bright Red, the Bot will always move an extra 1".
BAD MOON TINKA (6 Teef): The Tinka has access to the best parts Teef can buy. As a result his TinBoy ignores "Crew Shaken" results on the damage charts.
DEATHSKULL BODJA (7 Teef): The sneaky Bodja has a plan to send one of his many Grot Oilers onto the arena. The Grot will appear on turn 2 and stand in the scanning range of the Bot which looks most likely to shoot or assault the Deathskull TinBoy. If the Grot survives he will run off the arena at the start of the next turn, but may reappear in following turns on the roll of a 6.
SNAKEBITE PIGDOK (-8 Teef): Due to the PigDok's poor maintainance standards his Bot is prone to malfunctions. Each turn the Bot has a 1 in 6 chance of doing nothing.
BLOOD AXE TEKNISHUN (5 Teef): The vindictive Teknishun has rigged his Bot to explode should it go down. If the Bot is destroyed by rolling a 6 on the penetrating table it will blow up with the same effect as a blast from a battlecannon round. Should all the remaining Bots be destroyed in the blast the game will be declared a draw, and a rematch will be played.
FLUFF BONUS - Together with your entry you may write up to 100 words of fluff about your Mek and his creation. Intriguing and relevant fluff may earn you unexpected dividends.