Adding Gubbinz

The ladder is made out of a bunch of wire staples. Draw a straight line down the side of where you want your ladder with your straight edge. Mark with pencil as this will be your guide while you push your staples into the hull to make your ladder. One rung will be put into the roof of the hull, the rest will go down as far as you can get them towards the rear bottom of the hull. I start from the top and work my way down, putting a little space between rungs. Enough for an Ork boy to get his hands and feet onto. I try to follow my guide line as best I can. You will notice as you work with the wire staples that they are difficult to get perfectly lined up Each staple is different than the next, but that's OK because that just makes it look more like a ramshackle konstructed Orky vehicle. You can pull out your staples and coat in white glue than push them back in for more support.

The engine is a block of basswood, 1/2" high, 1/2" deep, about 1 1/8 " long. I drilled it out so I could pin it to the hull with wire nails. One in each corner. The 'uge exhausts are made out of 1/2" thick wooden dowel rods, two cut to about 2 " long with one end drilled out. Plastic tubing or drinking straws could be used as a substitute. The exhausts are pinned to the engine before the engine is pinned to the hull. I predrilled holes into the bottom of the exhausts and the engine top then pinned on the rods with nails as pins. You nip the heads off the end to make your pins. I slipped a little Elmers glue into the works before assembly. Once the glue dries you can fasten the engine to the hull with 4 wire nails, just add a little white glue when you do. End detail is a glyph plate put on the center of the engine block, oil pan under the hull, and some wire and jewelry chain wrapped around the exhausts for affect.

The hull is completed by adding little extras like armor patches, glyph plates, bullet holes, and nipping some of the corners off your armor plates with a pair of nippers to give your hull a more beaten Orky appearance.

The cow catcher or ram is made out of square plastic sprue It is glued together with plastic cement after you add bullet holes and nick the edges a bit.

The Main Hull
The Turret
Materials & Tools List