Making the Main Hull

The main hull was made out of pink foam insulation board (Extruded polystyrene). The board is available at most Do It Yourself (DIY) stores like Lowes and Home Depot. I used the 2" thickness for this project. You can substitute styro-foam packing material if you don't have access to the harder pink or blue foam.

You will need a hand saw, a large kitchen knife, or a hot wire foam cutter to cut the foam. Be carefull when using the knife because the foam often slides around if you don't hold it secure.

I based the rough dimensions of the hull off of the old GW templates:
Hull is 4 1/2" long x 2 3/4" wide. The 2" foam gives you the height. (Just over 2")
Rear bumper area is 1" high.
Both front and rear angles can be cut into the foam as desire. I did mine so the roof is a 2" x 2" square.

Once you get the main hull cut out you can sand the surfaces down with a sanding block or sandpaper laid flat on a table.

Once your happy with your new slaneeshi gobsmasha, OH sorry, it will not be pink very long.

The cardboard plates are next. Lay your hull down on a piece of cardboard and trace around the edges to mark your cardboard. I used a marker so you can see it better in the pics but use a pencil so no ink will bleed through and ruin your wagon after you paint it.

You can vary your plates a little. Don't be a weedy 'umie when you place your seams and plates, get a little Orky. No need to try to be square or plumb, just slap 'em on proper like a true Ork mek boy.

Cut your plates out with some sissors. Then glue them on with Elmers white glue (PVA glue). Finally, pin the plates down with small wire nails. I use all different sizes but 1/2 " is a good 'un. The wire nails are available in any DIY store. After working with dozens of these nails your fingers are gonna hurt so use an old soda cap like a thimble and push the nails through the cardboard with it.

Once you are plated add a few extra patch plates to indicate repair work etc.

The Main Hull
The Turret
Materials & Tools List