Easy Stikkbombz – Bombz from the plastic boyz’ sprue!

By Ghaleon88

This is a simple and easy way to make stikkbombz for stikkbomberz, tankbustas, or any ork that needs them. All that is needed are spare bits from the plastic ork boyz’ sprue. This method gives a cheap and easy way of making stikkbombz in custom poses.

What you need:

One plastic Ork sprue.
Your modelling tools (clip, knife and drill).
Super glue.
PVA glue and sand for the base.

Throughout the article, we will be using abbreviated terms to describe the plastic parts that you will need to use in order to build your custom stikkbombz.

Building the Stikkbombz

The most important bits you need are the choppa hands C4 and C2. This is because the hands are holding poles for the stikkbombz. You will need gun barrels for the bomb itself. The gun barrels from SH3 and SH1 are recommended.

Using a knife or clippers, remove the axe head from C4 or C2. You are left with an arm holding a pole. The axe heads have valuable rivets you can use for your conversions on other projects. Store them in your bitz box. Next, separate the gun barrel from a shoota. You are now ready to assemble your stikkbomb.

Glue the barrel to the pole. This can be quite difficult. You can either pin the shoota barrel to the pole, or you drill a hole into the shoota barrel that is large enough to hold the choppa pole itself. This gives you a stronger hold for the pole to attach to the bomb. You now have a stikkbomb.

To complete the model, assemble a boy just like a slugga boy. Instead of using a choppa/slugga arm use your new stikkbomb-arm. Position the arm on your model in any desired pose and finish the model as usual.

Variants beware: some of these might need advanced skills

Using SH3, the wrapping around the gun barrel can be quite good looking. With a little greenstuff the wraps can be continued down the pole. Working with Greenstuff is recommended for advanced modellers. SH3 can also be connected with the nozzle attatched to the pole.

An interesting detail can be achieved combining SH1 and C4. If you didn’t remove the nozzle (the small cylinder at the front where bullets come out) of SH1, take the ring off of C4’s choppa pole and attatch it to the nozzle of SH1. This gives a ‘pin’ that the ork would pull prior to throwing the bomb. By removing SH1’s nozzle, it can be connected upside-down to the choppa handle.

You can also put the hands from C2 or C4 onto other arms, especially the A1-4 arms, but any arm will do. This is done to achieve different poses, one being a ‘backhand’ throwing effect. This is a simple weapon swap. Cut off the hands of both arms and glue them onto the other arm (pinning is recommended for this).

Other uses

By using the barrel from SH4, you can make a virus/buzzer squig type stikkbomb. Pins can be made from the X8 piece. That piece has more valuable purposes and may look odd on the bomb. These stikkbombz can be placed on models’ backs by using a thin cylinder of plasticard or the pole from C4.

For an interesting effect, try making a ‘manual stikkbomb chucka’ vehicle upgrade. The driver of the vehicle is holding a stikkbomb in a threatening pose. Be creative! You may want to use a choppa handle from X1 or X2 on the base of your shoota barrel.

Since these are easy to build, the Super Stikkbomb upgrade for meks can be made easily. Put a bunch of stikkbombz on top of each other or on a net that the mek is swinging.

As with most ork conversions, the only limit is your imagination!