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So you are sitting in front of your Codex: Orks... are you wondering if you should take trukkboyz for your next game? Or maybe you keep using trukkboyz, but they never work out for you. Or you just want to improve your taktix and were wondering how other people use trukkboyz....

That's why this compilation was made. They boyz from The Waaagh! Forum were asked for advice on trukkboyz, and a lot of them responded. Cannibal Kid was kind enough to work through all those contributions and assemble them into a more readable format. All the images are submitted by members of the Waaagh.

There are three sections: "What to take" gives advice on how many boyz to take and how to equip them and their truck. "General Taktix" covers basic tactical advice that applies to trukkboyz in all situations, while "Speshul Taktix" approaches some variants of using them in a certain way. Most of this applies to codex orks (or footsloggers) and speed freaks (kult of speed) alike, but at some points you will find extra tips for kult of speed armies.




What To Take

With overwhelming unanimous posts, players recommend taking Trukks Boyz in large numbers, usually 2-3 units, as you'll probably find out that the success rate of Trukk Boyz reaching the enemy intact can be low.

It is also recommended to take the maximum number of boyz allowed in in the mob (10)...


Image: Hakbash, nightvision: Agatheron


Equipment and Equipping

Trukk Boyz appear to have a faster growth rate than other Orks, as it seems uncommon for them to go to war without a nob. The nob is often equipped with a power klaw and a second one handed weapon for maximum attacks. A few posters also give their nobs big horns/iron gob.

The nob leads a unit of boyz armed with choppas and a burna. One change to this formula is equipping the nob with mega armor (very popular with Bad Moons), which brings even more attention to the boyz as most enemies are not pleased to find a mega armor Ork trudging through their shooty units.

Equipping the trukk-

Rokkit launchas are the weapon of choice for the trukk. In addition trukks often utilize grot riggers, turbo boostas, red paint jobs and armored plates, although it seemed each member had a different configuration of these options for their trucks. Sometimes this was due to point restrictions.

When taking a turbo boosta, be aware of its drawback when rolling over a 3.

An interesting alternative is to equip your trukks and other fast vehicles with the reinforced ram/boarding plank/wrecker ball/big grabber upgrades. After you have unloaded the trukk boyz you can cruise around, ramming into the rear armor of light vehicles, creating yet another use for your now empty trukk.


Mean n Green

Armoured tops in a Kult of Speed (KoS)-

The armoured top upgrade is only available in a KoS. One player suggested taking it for the trukks that carry the more valuable troops like burna boys.

Trukks with armored tops tend to be larger which may block more line of site. This can be a good thing (blocking enemy's line of site to your other vehicles and troops), or a bad thing (blocking your line of site to your enemy's units).

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